Medlir Mema, PhD

Medlir Mema, PhD

Associate Professor (2020-2022)

Medlir Mema (Ph.D. Political Science, George Washington University) was an Associate Professor of International Relations at the Institute for International Strategy at the Tokyo International University (2020-2022).
. He is also a (non-resident) Fellow at The Middle East Policy Council, in Washington D.C. Prior to his appointment at TIU, Medlir worked as a researcher and lecturer in the United States and Europe.

Medlir wrote his dissertation on the role of the transnational advocacy networks in the drafting of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. His research attempts to provide an answer to the broader questions of whether, how, and under what conditions advocacy networks shape international institutions and state behavior.

His research and teaching interests include International Organizations, International Criminal Law, and Transnational Advocacy Networks. He is the author of several papers which he has published and/or presented at various academic conferences. As a Fellow for the Middle East Policy Council, Medlir is the author of a semi-weekly feature ‘Straight from the Source’ and a of a new monthly policy brief ‘Uncovering the Blind Spots’.

More recently, Medlir has been drawn to theoretical and policy debates surrounding the development and the impact of Artificial Intelligence both at the domestic as well as the international level. Together with his TIU colleague, Chris Lamont, Medlir is the co-creator and co-host of ‘On AiR: iR in the age of Ai’ podcast. He also teaches a senior seminar on IR theory, law, and practice in the age of AI.